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Registration Instructions

Here’s some additional information about specific fields to help you along.

Special notes for teachers are highlighted in blue.

Profile Type

This is extremely helpful for the search filter

  • Student/Parent: This site was designed to help parents find pods for the students in their family but we realize some students will want to take their own initiative
  • Teacher: For licensed teachers, substitute teachers, student teachers, and students actively pursuing a Masters in Education, and similar.

Note: We don’t currently have an option for nannies, babysitters, organizations, etc to register on this site and we leave it up to each pod to find their own if they’re interested in that.


Risk Tolerance

Identify your COVID-19 safety practices so we can find you a family who approaches the situation similar to yours.

  • Class 1: Isolation. We have little to no exposure beyond our nuclear family and we try to avoid public places.
  • Class 2: Limited Exposure. Maximum telework. Some days in office. Extremely small social circle. Practice social distancing in public.
  • Class 3: Frequent Exposure. e.g. Employees who report to work regularly (hospital staff, grocery store employees)
  • Class 4: Maximum Exposure. We prefer not to wear masks in public.


Education Intensity

What kind of learning environment are you expecting for your pod? Classes 1 thru 4 assume that you will be leveraging APS instruction.

  • Class 1: Socialization. We want our kids to watch the lessons together and then play the rest of the day together.
  • Class 2: Lesson Reinforcement. We will help make sure every student in the pod understands the day’s lesson.
  • Class 3: Parent Teaching. We will help all the kids in the pod to complete their daily assignments.
  • Class 4: Private Instructor. We are willing to share the cost of a private instructor/tutor for our pod. (Teachers choose this option)

Teachers: Choose Class 4: Private Instructor


Grade Level

Parents: Select all aplicable grade levels for your children

Teachers: Select all grade levels you are comfortable teaching.



Parents: This is where you put everything and anything you’d like to about your family and kids. It will help families find each other and pre-screen for fit. Some information you might include:

  • Parent info
    • Hobbies/Interests
    • Degrees
    • Jobs
  • Child(ren) Info
    • Name
    • Grade
    • Gender
    • Hobbies/Interests
    • Personality
    • Allergies/Special Needs
  • Environment info
    • Available space to host, play space, pets, etc

Teachers: Tell us about yourself, and your experience/qualifications.


Subjects Taught (Teacher Input Field)

Parents: Ignore this field

Teachers: Which subjects are you willing to teach? Select all that apply.


Availability (Teacher Input Field)

Parents: Ignore this field

Teachers: Are you available to help during the school day or off-hours? Select all that apply.